Project Based Learning

At SunRidge Middle School, we recognize that today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders need ways to foster leadership, problem solving, communication and innovation. Teachers can help develop leadership and growth in 21st Century skills by fostering leadership in the classroom when creating opportunities where students are put in charge. Involving students in leadership not only gives students confidence but can teach tomorrow’s leaders to handle responsibility. Problem solving is a critical life skill; our project-based learning approach helps students identify problems, determine their viewpoint, and generate ideas for possible solutions. By developing a plan, carrying out the solution and reflection on the process students gain an invaluable skills set that builds confidence and self-esteem. Communication and working with others is a fundamental skill all of today’s learners need in order to share information and listen without judgement. Providing students with authentic learning experiences and providing a learning environment that promotes collaboration and removes barriers of cultural, physical or mental abilities, allows students to overcome obstacles to effectively work with and communicate with their peers. Today’s teachers are digital immigrants teaching today’s learners who are digital natives. It is paramount students can locate and create information while safely communicating, creating, sharing and connecting with others. Providing students with these opportunities through innovative teaching and learning strategies is a goal of SunRidge Middle School.

We are excited to announce in the 2022-23 school year our 7th and 8th grade students will be partnering with Junior Achievement to learn more about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business planning.  

Media Center Learning Lab Our Learning lab is a space that creates a collaborative disposition of innovation, risk-taking, and informing decisions while eliciting and responding to student ideas. This learning space is designed for students to use during the school day but can also be extended to activities and work sessions before and after school. Our media specialist as well as teachers will rotate through and utilize this space to enrich the learning experience for students. The key features of this lab includes: video production technology, collaboration stations, 3-D printing. This learning space is dedicated to educators developing their practice to encompass the embedded gold standard elements of Project Based Learning.

Innovation Lab Room 564 The Innovation lab provides organized opportunities for teachers to engage in the work of teaching together. This Innovation lab will be outfitted with flexible seating options and open to teachers as a work space for students. This lab also serves as a model classroom for visiting teachers and administrators. This space is a work and production room where PBL solutions come to life. It will serve as our Project Lead the way, PBL cohorts and reading enhanced PBLs as a dedicated work room. The environment lends itself to being a room of creativity and production where ideas and planning come to life. The students will know once they cross the threshold of the Innovation lab, their mindset switches into design and development.