Cell Phone Policy

  • Cell phones are to be turned off and put away when on campus.  Students will be permitted to use phones before the 9:20am bell and during lunch per lunchroom admin.  Students are NOT to use phones any other time during the school day.  Student are not allowed to use phones during class or class change.

Orange County Public School District policy allows the possession of a cell phone on school property, at after school activities, and at school-related functions, provided that during school hours and on a school bus, the cell phone remains off and is concealed. Devices must be concealed in a purse, book bag, etc., and may not be kept on the student’s person (in a pocket of pants, coats, etc.).  


For the purposes of this policy, “school hours” begin at the time the student crosses the threshold into the classroom, first period, until the time the student crosses the threshold to leave the classroom, seventh period. During this time cell phones, earbuds, etc. must be turned off, may not be stored on the student’s person, and may not be used. These devices and accessories have become a significant distraction to the classroom learning environment, disruptive to the school climate, and compromise student and staff safety and privacy, as well as the academic integrity and authenticity of many classroom assessments, on a daily basis.  


In an instance in which emergency communication with your child is necessary, a SunRidge Middle School staff member will immediately assist a parent or student via the use of a school telephone.  When a parent needs to speak to a student, in an emergency situation, he/she should call the front office for assistance.



Disciplinary action may take place for the following reasons: 

1. The student’s cell phone rings or vibrates, indicating the phone is turned on. 

2. The student has the device out and/or in use for any purpose during the school day.