A developmental guidance program will be provided for all of our students as an integral part of SUNRIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL’S instructional program. Our program will be directed toward helping our students understand and accept themselves and the world in which they live. Counseling services will be a fundamental part of our program. A major objective will be to help our students make the most of their educational opportunities by promoting positive personal development.


Any student who wants to see a guidance counselor may sign up in the grade level office.


  • Orientation of new students
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Referrals for psychological evaluation
  • Referrals for our social worker
  • Referrals to outside agencies
  • Exceptional education placement
  • Liaison with community resources
  • Registration and withdrawal procedures
  • Parent / Teacher conferences
  • Career and vocational counseling
  • Curriculum planning and revision
  • Scheduling of our students
  • Student Assistance Team
  • Academic and Educational planning
  • Peer Counseling Program
  • Evaluation and assessment of student needs
  • Articulation with our feeder schools
  • Standardized testing / assessment of our students

Eagles University Parent Night- Overview of Middle School Progression