Policies and Procedures

Early Pick-Up Policy

The end of the school day can become challenging with dismissal. If you need to pick-up your

child before the school day is done at 4:04pm, please make sure to sign them out before

3:15pm. This will allow you to park and have access to get out of the parking lot without getting

in our car line. Thank you to ensure a safe and smooth dismissal.


No Outside Food or Drink Allowed

For the safety of our students, outside food is not permitted on campus within one hour of

meal times served at school. If for some reason it is permitted, it must be store bought with a

label of ingredients that were used during the preparation of the food to be filed on campus.

Should you ever have a question, please contact the front desk for additional questions.


SRMS Classroom Tardy Policy

1st - Warning

2nd – Parent Contact

3rd - Administrative Detention (Wednesday 3PM-4PM)

4th - Saturday School (8:00am – 10:00am every other Saturday)

5th – Referral (Level 2 Repeated Misconduct) and One Day of PASS
*Tardy Sweeps can occur at any time. Students who are caught in a tardy sweep serve a lunch detention.


Cell Phone/Device and Accessory Policy

Orange County Public School District policy allows the possession of a cell phone on school property, at after school activities, and at school-related functions, provided that during school hours and on a school bus, the cell phone remains off and is concealed. Devices must be concealed in a purse, book bag, etc., and may not be kept on the student’s person (in a pocket of pants, coats, etc.). For the purposes of this policy, “school hours” begin at the time the student crosses the threshold into the classroom, first period, until the time the student crosses the threshold to leave the classroom, seventh period. During this time cell phones, earbuds, etc. must be turned off, may not be stored on the student’s person, and may not be used. These devices and accessories have become a significant distraction to the classroom learning environment, disruptive to the school climate, and compromise student and staff safety and privacy, as well as the academic integrity and authenticity of many classroom assessments, on a daily basis. In an instance in which emergency communication with your child is necessary, a SunRidge Middle School staff member will immediately assist a parent or student via the use of a school telephone. When a parent needs to speak to a student, in an emergency situation, he/she should call the front office for assistance.

Delayed Dismissal

The district’s Weather Delayed Dismissal procedures require that the nationally recognized “30-30 Rule” be enacted by schools if thunder is heard within 30 seconds of lightning strike. Students will not be dismissed until 30 minutes has passed from the last sound of thunder. However, parents and guardians will be allowed to sign their child out during these situations at the main school office.

 Cafeteria Rules & Procedures

Bring your ID every day or you will have to report to the end of the line


1. Be polite and respectful to others.

2. No more than 10 students per table.

3. Raise your hand if you need to leave your seat.

4. Use inside voice and keep your voices down.

5. Horse playing is not permitted.

6. No cutting in line.

7. Make sure your table and area is clean at all times.

8. Food/drinks ARE NOT allowed outside of the cafeteria.

9. DO NOT play with the turn styles while waiting to enter food area.

10. Technology is not allowed unless it is earned. Technology should be turned off and in your bag.


1. Tables will be dismissed one at a time.

2. Students will wait for adult direction to be dismissed.

3. Students will take trash and exit.

Meal Prices

Breakfast                                            Lunch

Student - $1.75                                   Student - $2.75

Reduced .30 cents                               Super combo - $3.00

Adult - $2.00                                       Reduced - .40 cents

Adult - $3.00

Milk carton/chug - .35/.50 cents

This is a cashless system. We do not give change. All monies received will be deposited to your account.


Media Center and Digital Devices Policy

Students are responsible for any textbooks or devices checked out to them and it is an obligation to return textbooks and devices in the same condition to the media center at the end of the year, or whenever they withdraw from school. Please ensure your child’s books are kept in a secure and dry location and not damaged. Please ensure that digital devices are secure and not damaged. A fine will be assessed for any barcode removal, any lost or damaged items require full payment.

Library Book Late Fees: $0.05 a day

Library Book Replacement Cost: Cost of item

Laptop Damage 1st Offense: $50

Laptop Damage 2nd Offense: $100

Laptop Damage 3rd Offense: Cost of Item

Replacement Cost of digital device: $150

Lost/Damaged Charger Cost: $10
2nd Lost/Damaged Charger Cost: $25